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The Sun Store Customer Satisfaction survey is a tool or a way to know their customer satisfaction for their products or the services. designed to gather important information from customers. While this survey provides you a chance to share your experience with the Sun Store services and the products. You can share anything regarding your experience even it is good or bad. The Sun Store company considers your feedback to know their strengths and weaknesses. While they will work hard on their negatives and try to fix them for satisfying their customers with their offerings or the services.

While all you need to do is be honest to answer all the survey questions that are very simple and easy. And when you complete the survey you will get an entrance to the gift card drawing.

About Sun Store

Sun store is a chain of pharmaceutical companies. While it is in almost 100 locations across Switzerland. Furthermore, 80 pharmacy chains are within the French-speaking region and the remaining 20 pharmacy chains are within the German-speaking region. Also, it has 6 more pharmacy chains and those are within the Italian speaking region. The Sun Store company was started in 1972 and has grown very big to date. While now the company has over 1,600 employees, who are all expected to participate in periodic training. Furthermore, the Sun store offers the products such as medicines and a broad range of health and beauty products to its consumers.

Requirements For Sun Store Customer Satisfaction Survey:

  • You must have any device such as a mobile or PC that has the internet access.
  • While you need to have a participation number that you can find at the bottom of the receipt.
  • Also, you must provide Name, address, and phone number.
  • Furthermore, you must know the date and time of the last visit to Sun Stores.

Instructions For Sun Store Customer Satisfaction survey:

  • You must visit the survey site at Store survey site at
  • Then you have to enter participation number that you can find at the bottom of the receipt
  • You must have the ability to read and understand English.
  • You have to answer all the questions.
  • Then click to submit the survey.
  • When you complete the survey you will get a chance in the gift card drawing.

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