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Vaporized Customer Satisfaction Survey: A Customer Satisfaction Survey is generally conducted to estimate the customer base. Vaporized Customer Satisfaction Survey is also designed to know the customer’s experience at one of the Vaporized stores/shops so that the company can provide the customers a better experience on their next visit. The link to survey site is provided in the below section.

The positive feedback will boost the confidence of the employees and the negative feedback will also be considered. The company will include the new plans and ideas for making the customers happy and satisfied. Vaporized  Customer Satisfaction Survey details and instructions for participating in it are discussed here in detail. Vaporized Customer Satisfaction Survey is conducted by Mystery Customer Evaluations, on behalf of the company.

All About Vaporized

Vaporized offers the finest electronic cigarettes on the market. It is a family run company that started in Edinburgh in 2012. The journey of this business began with the desire to stop smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. Vaporized tried almost everything and nearly gave up when the revolutionary and innovative electronic cigarette came on the market. After many hours of research, they introduced the first e-cig and became vapers rather than smokers, never to turn back!

Vaporized has definitely advanced since then. They have tried hundreds of flavors of e-liquid and many different e-cig brands. Therefore, Vaporized guarantee that they have sourced the best for Vaporized customers. Vaporized only stock the most ergonomic, efficient, easy to use products on the market, in their shops, and also on their website. Vaporized offers different varieties of e-cig that suit the lifestyle of all types of people and it also offers a wide range of flavors which are the best in the market.



Vaporized Customer Satisfaction Survey

In order to participate in the Vaporized Customer Satisfaction Survey and to share your views on it, you will require the following things:

  1. A pc or a mobile device with internet access.
  2. Personal experience of having visited a Vaporized store/shop.
Vaporized Customer Satisfaction Survey

Vaporized Customer Satisfaction Survey


  1. Visit the official site of Vaporized Customer Satisfaction Survey.
  2. You need to select the Vaporized location which you visited recently.
  3. Click on proceed to start the survey.
  4. Enter the date and time of your visit.
  5. Write few lines about your shopping experience at Vaporized. Next, you need to rate the tidiness, organization, employee reception, etc. at the store.
  6. Then you need to provide your personal details such as name, age, email address, etc. These details will be required for the prize draw contest.
  7. Submit your Survey.
  8. You will get a chance to win a £50 gift card from Vaporized.

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